On air with the Sunrise Team of Hawaii News Now for Sushi Star

This morning I was on the Sunrise show with Dan Cooke on Hawaii News Now, and what an experience this was. The mystery mounted as I had to call to be let in via the unmarked door in what looks from the exterior to be just another warehouse in a district full of car shops and industrial buildings.

Once inside you walk past a set and turn the corner and BOOM. You’re on the set of Hawaii News Now. Steve Uyehara and Tannya Joaquin were on camera talking about the latest news. Howard Dicus then came on to talk about Hawaiian Airlines and Taizo Braden was there as well doing the traffic. The first thing I noticed was that each and every person in the room had an iPad and were multi-tasking between being on-air, reading, typing, chatting, and then being on-air again. It was a really well oiled machine of timing, conversation, work, and news. Amazing, I was hooked!

After walking past the set I was ushered to a conference room in the back to wait for Dan who at the time was talking about the weather in front of the green screen area. Dan was sporting a tux with a pink tie — he looked sharp and TALL. Great. On my way to the conference room I saw Ramsay Wharton at a desk and I believe Malika Dudley at another desk. Ramsay was in “on air” dress which was neat because at one point the camera flipped to her and she was “live”. Malika was wearing gym clothes, probably on her way to, or from a workout.

The conference room was cool, a huge table and Hawaii News Now logos everywhere. I could imagine all the anchors and reporters in meetings here, cool stuff! The vibe of all the on-air talent, he he he. After a few minutes, Dan arrived and we chatted for a sec about Sushi Star, then we walked to the set to get it ready on his iPad. We were going to use his iPad and the HDMI mirrored output to project onto the green screen. Cool, Sushi Star in HD!

At this point we had about 10 mins before our segment. Dan entered some details into a content management system, and that’s the text that appears on screen, cool huh? I got in Taizo’s way once but he was incredibly gracious. Steve walked over to talk a bit about my background and he helped me feel comfortable and at ease. They were all nice, professional, and on top of things. I think that’s why I felt right at home.

Finally our segment was up. And you can see the rest on the video below. Being on air wasn’t scary as I thought. And the short time we had went too fast. I’m addicted. Yup, addicted. The rapid fire work going on, the conversations, and the fact that its all live. I can’t wait till I do something cool enough to get back on air!


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