Tapiki and Sushi Star on Social Wire

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewed by Yasmin Dar (@Yasmindar) for her awesome Social Wire segment on KITV4. She’s put together a great video series showcasing local small businesses that are leveraging social media and technology in new and exciting ways.

From the KITV4 website:
“Starting every Wednesday, social wire will be featuring local businesses that not only use social media and cool gadgets for their business in unique ways but also teach you how you can do it for your business as well!”

We’ll be talking about Tapiki and app development. Fortunately for me this isn’t live TV so I can screw up with reckless abandon!

Sushi Star has been fortunate to have been featured as an App of the Week on Social Wire about a week after we launched back in July. You can check out Sushi Star at http://go.tapiki.com/gotsushi

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