Watch Tapiki On KITV4’s Social Wire Tomorrow Morning

Photo Courtesy of Yasmin Dar

Tomorrow morning while sipping your morning cup of joe, check out Yasmin Dar’s (@Yasmindar) Social Wire segment on KITV4 during the morning show. It should air between 5 and 5:15am and then again an hour later.

During the segment I answer questions about living the life of an independent iPhone developer as the founder of Tapiki, cofficing (not sure what cofficing is? Check out my super-ultralight cofficing post), iPhone apps, and what’s next for my company. It was a fun interview. I’m not sure how much footage will make it in the final edit but we had a chance to talk about my daughter’s “office” which she’s constructed to mimic what I do. Here’s a pic of us working in K8’s “office”. Well, Yasmin’s working, I’m trying not to fall off the ball.

Photo Courtesy of Yasmin Dar


In her office our daughter’s got a few Mac’s and when she’s “working” she uses a smock that has a Treo and an iPaq in its pockets. She’s started a game design journal too! I hope she’s able to see how fun a career in software development or engineering can be.

Nik the camera genius is big on sustainability so we talked aquaponics and toured our small aquaponics setup while our dogs mauled both of them. We eventually made it to my coffice, yup, Manoa Starbucks!

Should be a really fun segment, I hope you have a chance to watch it. Social Wire is a great part of KITV4 news and I hope the show continues to grow in popularity and scope!

You can check out all the past Social Wire segments along with other KITV4 videos on their YouTube Channel.

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