Ending Bottled Water Pollution with Flo Water


Tapiki launches the all-new Flo Water website. Check it out and help reduce bottled water pollution!

About Flo Water (http://flowaterusa.com/hawaii.html):
Flo Water® was founded in 2008 by young environmental entrepreneur, Wyatt Taubman, who grew up in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Taubman conceived of Flo Water® while studying Environmental Studies and Economics at the University of San Diego. After learning extensively about the plastic water bottle pollution crisis that we face globally, he felt passionately compelled to do something about it and the concept of Flo Water® was born.

The first Flo Water® Refill Station™ became a reality in 2009, when Taubman moved back to Hawaii after graduation and secured a small business loan from the Bank of Hawaii. Shortly thereafter, the first Flo Water® Refill Station™ was installed at Island School, a private K-12 school on Kauai, where it was embraced by both students and faculty alike. This first pilot was followed by successful beta programs at Iolani School and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as at shopping centers, gas stations, and convenience stores in Hawaii.

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